Shadereks 1st Haircut

Today Shaderek got his first haircut. It was a little crazy I know Derek and I discussed letting his hair grow out until he could tell us he wanted a hair cut, but it was so uneven. So I took him to Beckies (Grandma) and i had to leave the house… I couldn’t watch. He looks okay with a shorter hair cut. He doesn’t look like my baby anymore. But people say he looks a lot better. I kept his curls.

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Potty Training

So i decided i wasn’t going to start potty training Shaderek till he started talking more. I bought a potty hair but just recently unwrapped it. Now i didn’t tell him what to do and i didn’t put him on it. But he watched me in the bathroom so he gets the general idea. Today he brought his potty chair into the bedroom took his pants and diaper off sat down and pissed in the potty chair… It was CRAZY!!

I didn’t know what to do. We took the bowl into the bathroom and he flushed his pee away and i went and got him some candy…

Shaderek is really an odd little boy sometimes.. : )

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Shaderek’s 2nd Airplane ride

Today was ashaderek’s 2nd airplane ride it wasn’t too bad. There was alittle hitch dealing with airport secreity they checked his sippies to make sure they were really milk and juice and not explosives. But the lady didn’t put the lip back on tight and i didn’t realize it till Shaderek ahd dumped an entire sippies on himself and of course i didnt have any new pants with me. But he was in a great mood for sitting in wet pants for 7 hours.

The first flight was only 45 minutes and Shaderek was great. The wait in the airport was ridiculous thankfully i took his booster seat and our huge stroller. We had a three hour delay and we walked threw the Minneapolis airport back and forth back and forth Shaderek definitely didn’t want to sit still or play with his toys i brought so we walked around.. He was kinda cranky on this flight he was tired but couldn’t sleep so he whined THE ENTIRE flight.

But we landed in Vegas safe and sound and i didn’t beat him in public.. lol

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Update on Shaderek

Shaderek finally started to walk again. I have no idea what was wrong with him he just stopped walking and started on his own. He didn’t seem to have an ear infection, i rubbed bengay on his legs so maybe he had growing pains..

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Shaderek Hurt Himself

So somehow Shaderek hurt himself and now he wont stand up or walk. So i went to the ER and they took x-rays but didn’t see anything. So now if he’s not walking by Monday i should take him to his normal crappy doctor. I HATE DOCTORS they never know what their doing. I fon’t know if its a charlie horse, growing pains which me and his father both suffered from, a bruised bone or something else. Hopefully he will be able to shake it off soon.

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